• Alyssa Greenberg
  • February 08, 2019

Graphics and Sound 4.0

Gameplay 6.0

Controls 6.0

Lasting Appeal 3.0

Pros 👍

  • Pure Zen mode
  • Sensible controls
  • Beautiful, though schematic environments.

Cons 👎

  • No competition or aims at all
  • Not optimized for tablets
  • This game is paid!
  • Alyssa Greenberg
  • February 08, 2019

Free roaming car games seem a relic from the past, and this one seems obsolete too. It has some attractive features, though, and may seem worthy to some players. Don’t confuse it to a more advanced one renamed to Wreckfest later.

Graphics and Sound 4/10

Made in 2015, The Next Car Game seems much older. Its graphics, not being nostalgic sensu stricto, seem like somebody’s first effort with Unity engine. The car you drive would have never entered the garages of Forza Horizon, Real Racing or Need for Speed, being drawn like an ugly duckling.

The environment doesn’t look much better, reminding that of truck simulators. Luckily, it follows the best example, concentrating on physical properties rather than appearance.

Controls 6/10

Though Windows devices are equipped with touchscreens, gyroscopes, and accelerometers more and more often, this game only supports keyboard and mouse. So old-school! Yet this way turns out to be “old, not obsolete”. The response is rather swift, and the car reacts as you press the key with no delay. With all conventions common for the genre, like jumping up vertically or surviving crashes easily with no damage, this part seems alright.

Gameplay 6/10

First of all, it’s a toy rather than a game. The statement has a reason: you have no score to reach, no rivals to beat, even no time limitations. It’s a pure free ride to drive or even fly your car. The latter option seems illogical, but no more of that than the game itself.

The Next Car Game offers several environments, from a countryside road to a sandy desert, you can ride and explore freely. Not that there is much to explore except for uneven landscape, but you can ride off the road, and it’s kind of fun.

There is only one possible scenario you will like this game. That is, if driving is a kind of meditation for you, then The Next Car Game is a kind of Zen mode for racing games, embodies in a standalone app. It’s really a pure meditation with nothing standing, running, or counting between you and the road.

Lasting Appeal 3/10

Spoiled by many more advanced car games, you may think this one is worthless at all (despite being paid, albeit cheap). Unless you like pure driving immersion, this game will not get you hooked at all. But if you happen to like what it offers, you may launch it from time to time and just enjoy the process. If you’re this kind, you’ll keep this game for long. Anyway, you’ve already paid the whole buck for it, and it doesn’t require much space.


There is really something about this simple and easy Unity-powered bagatelle. It features no competition, no collection, rather poor graphics, and conventional physics. It’s too fresh to be of nostalgic value. But sometimes you may want to drive along empty roads or just off-road, thinking of nothing, just enjoying the speed. And this experience is provided by The Next Car Game in full.

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