The Best Brushes to Prepare Hachis


If you are thinking of making a new shipment of hashish, do not hesitate to use the Royal Gorilla, but only if you can withstand huge levels of THC. This monster is the result of a very ambitious breeding project, where the parental strains involved were Sour Dubb, Chem Sis, and Chocolate Diesel. This variety shows no compassion and offers instant and lasting effects fueled by THC levels of more than 25%. In addition, it has a genetic composition consisting of 50% Sativa genetics and 50% indica, which offers a very powerful effect, perfectly balanced at the body and mental level. The data elements awaken the brain and open the doors to deep creative thinking and problem solving, while the indica features provide a warm and comforting feeling for the muscles.

This award-winning variety produces a lot of resin during the flowering phase of the growth cycle, which will seem like a dream if you are one of the growers who like to hand rub the fresh hash of the flowers. This highly psychoactive hash can be molded into balls and blocks and emanates very pleasant aromas of earth and pine. The Royal Gorilla prefer warm climates and, if you provide these conditions, it will produce more resin for your hashish production. Indoor plants raised in growing rooms or cabinets can reach heights of 160cm and produce up to 550g / m², with adequate lighting and fertilization. Plants grown in larger outdoor spaces will grow a little more, reaching 170cm and producing up to 600g per plant. You can harvest its flowers in mid-October, as the Royal Gorilla It has a flowering time of 8-9 weeks.


Hashish is known to induce effects of euphoria and relaxation, so it only makes sense to select genetics that will emphasize these effects. The Sour Diesel will fulfill this task without any doubt. This strongly Sativa strain consists of 70% Sativa genetics and 30% indica, which causes it to strike forcefully and forcefully accompanied by high-quality own hashish high. It is the result of a series of varieties that include the Original Diesel, the Northern Light, the Shiva, and the Hawaiian. Smoking a joint loaded with its flowers will lead to an effect of mental clarity and lucidity, which will increase your attention and your critical thinking ability. Hashish handmade with its flowers gives off acidic and herbal flavors.

The Sour Diesel produces small and compact flowers bright green buds forming very compact. If you stop to look closely, you’ll hallucinate with the number of trichomes that overflow a lot of psychoactive resin. This feature makes it a plant producing hashish. Simply rub it a bit to get all the good it offers you. The Sour Diesel prefers soft and warm climates and grows well both indoors and outdoors. Indoor plants will give you enough crops good ones 475-525g / m² and will reach heights of 90-160cm. Outdoor plants produce about 600g per plant and reach heights of up to 2m. If you grow outdoors, you will have your harvest ready to pick up and start working at the end of October. The Sour Diesel has a flowering period of 10-11 weeks, but the wait will be worth it.


The ICE, also known as Indica Crystal Extreme, owes its name to its very high production of trichomes. This strain develops large and prominent flowers, which seem to have gone through a snowfall, but the truth is that they are just lots of resin! It is as if this plant had been designed only to make hashish; every time you touch it, its viscous resin will leave your palms sticky. It won’t take you long to knead your first charas. Its genetic inheritance comes from strains directly related to hashish, Afghan, Northern Light, and Skunk. This mixture has resulted in a strain of clearly indica dominance that provides an instant body effect, as soon as you inhale it. Its effects are relaxing, meditative and therapeutic. If you smoke this hashish in a candlelit room at night, it will be a one-way trip to the calm of euphoria. Each puff will be loaded with spicy flavors, herbs, and mint. Its THC levels of 18% guarantee very satisfactory effects, without being too intense.

The ICE develops well both indoors and outdoors, giving very rewarding results in either environment. Indoor plants produce up to 450g / m² and grow up to 120cm. Your outdoor companions will give you about 500-550g per plant and will grow a little more, up to 2m. If you grow outdoors, you can harvest it during the month of September. the ICE It has a flowering time of 8-10 weeks.