NBA 2K20

  • Alyssa Greenberg
  • September 30, 2019

Graphics and Sound 10.0

Gameplay 10.0

Controls 10.0

Lasting Appeal 10.0

Pros 👍

  • Cutting edge graphics
  • Amazing sporting physics
  • Several modes for all gamers’ tastes
  • Thought-out soundtracks

Cons 👎

  • Too many built-in adds and in-game purchases
  • Alyssa Greenberg
  • September 30, 2019

NBA 2K20 is a basketball simulation video game that is supposed to be one of the best ones at the moment. It extends beyond the sport itself, providing its engrossing open-world neighborhood. This is the right place for gamers and fans of basketball to communicate and enjoy the peculiarities of this unique culture.

Graphics and Sound 10/10

You will find the best in class graphics which help to incorporate the NBA’s style into this game. The players are developed to mirror their real-life originals. Their gaze is a little bit lifeless, but in general they are well done. We must say that everything here is designed meticulously. While playing, you will listen to various soundtracks, including rock and hip hop. The nice sounding adds a lot to the atmosphere.

Controls 10/10

Here you have the unparalleled player control providing a sense of mastery. You will navigate your characters with confidence and accuracy due to the well-developed system. The pretty complicated controls are divided by categories and require some time to learn and master them. You will be able to shoot, arrange offense, dribble, pass a ball, and more. Move and push the analog stick, press triggers, hold buttons to benefit from any movement.

Gameplay 10/10

This title features breathtaking game modes. If you start with the story mode, you can learn more about personalities. You will know about the inner conflicts of the players, their strengths and weaknesses. Other modes provide you with a quite different experience. You will match the players to create efficient teams, allowing you to achieve the best scores ever. You will employ players, equip them, think over the tactics and defense strategies, learn from the mistakes.

You will find a lot of interesting additions to the gameplay compared to the previous releases of the franchise, like the ball-handling system. We promise, you will like to flip a ball from one hand to another. Find such improvements in the new WNBA mode. If you want to minimize microtransactions, try MyLeague. Enjoy the smooth options and, please, mind that remote play requires PS Vita system and stable Wi-Fi connection. You should open your account if you are going to compete online.

Lasting Appeal 10/10

There are plenty of modes allowing you to join in this magic world of sport in all of its aspects. You will play this game endlessly changing your strategies, replacing the players, selecting different accessories. The tremendous gameplay provides tons of ways to benefit from the options of this title mimicking the real-life sport in a perfect way. It sets the new standards, and you will know about them in details, just be attentive.


This is really a super game which will immerse you in the basketball reality if you pay money for this experience. The title is paid and suggests to use a lot of extras. For instance, in the MyTeam mode you are to spend your real money on players and their clothing to create the best team. But if you want to master your skills, focus on the complicated MyLeague mode. You will find within this title whatever you expect of this sport.

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