Secret Neighbor

  • Alyssa Greenberg
  • December 04, 2019

Graphics and Sound 8.0

Gameplay 9.0

Controls 10.0

Lasting Appeal 8.0

Pros 👍

  • Suspense & intrigue
  • Unorthodox gameplay
  • Room for strategy & tactics
  • Grim, indie horror atmosphere.

Cons 👎

  • No mobile port
  • Unbalanced parameters
  • Plenty of bugs & crashes.
  • Alyssa Greenberg
  • December 04, 2019

Secret Neighbor is a multiplayer addition to the Hello Neighbor franchise. Developed by TinyBuild Games, it offers an electrifying and adrenaline-powered atmosphere of a hide'n'seek horror game.

Graphics and Sound 8/10

The spin-off has the same visual aesthetics as Hello Neighbor. You get to play inside the creepy house, filled with macabre, bizarre and ominous decorations. Just like in the original title, many objects are interactable and can be used for offensive/defensive purposes.

The darkened decorations of the house and dim lights create a perfect vibe of suspense. There's no one you can trust in the game. And this gloomy setting, with locks blocking the doors, produces a feeling of hopelessness and helplessness at the same time.

Spine-chilling intrigue only grows thanks to believable sound effects. Squeaky floors, steps made by someone invisible, crickets and some ambient tune playing all the way through the game — they all make you want to turn around to see if anyone is sneaking up from behind.

Controls 10/10

The game is available for PC and Xbox One. Therefore manipulating either a child or the maniacal Neighbor is quite easy. The classic buttons are responsible for regular moves: e.g. WASD controls directions on PC. However, there are a few special buttons. For example, T allows Neighbor to disguise as a kid.

Gameplay 9/10

There are two sides: kids who should escape the house and Neighbor who can't allow them to do that. Escaping means getting to the basement of the house — at least one kid must do that. But to make it happen, children must remove all the locks from all the doors.

The beauty of SN is that in the beginning nobody knows who the Secret Neighbor is. The player who gets this role, can disguise as a child or even turn into an object. So, don't freak out if you see a flower pot with a knife jumping towards you.

The murderous Neighbor can be detected by one thing: whenever one of the kids gets enough damage, he/she gets down on the knees. Two scenarios may occur here: either a teammate comes to rescue or Neighbor may snatch the child.

All in all, there's a lot of fun in this eerie hide'n'seek survival saga. Both Neighbor and his prey may set up snares, devise tactics and do whatever it takes to outsmart each other. The "trust-no one" vibe adds extra sauce to the whole diabolical premise.

Lasting Appeal 8/10

Secret Neighbor is quite enjoyable due to its eccentric and thrilling gameplay. It's not a dismissible title by any means. So far, it has a few technical issues and only one arena with the same game mode. But this cleverly scary mode is enough to keep you on your toes.


Secret Neighbor invites you to test your deduction, strategic skills, teamwork, and intuition. Or try the role of an evil entity known as the Neighbor, who's good at cunning and deception. It's your choice.

Download Secret Neighbor and remember to trust nobody.

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