How Long Does the Effect of Cannabis Last

There are many factors to consider when knowing how long the effects of cannabis will last. From smoking or taking a brownie, to the type of strain and the amount you consume, although this is not an exhaustive list of things to consider. Keep reading for more details!

Sometimes it is very useful to know how long the effect of cannabis will last. For example, if you still have work pending or need to drive somewhere. You may be organizing a night out and want to know when to smoke to enjoy the effects while you are with your friends.

Answering this question would be easy if the effects of the herb were the same for everyone, but it is not. The effects do not vary too much from one person to another, but there are other factors to consider when determining the duration of the high. We can safely say that it is a combination of these factors, so let’s analyze them in more detail.


Before talking about the reasons that make the effects last more or less, look at what you are smoking. If your variety contains a mild 14% THC with a moderate amount of CBD in the mixture, such as Royal Bluematic, the effects should not be too strong or last too long. However, if you have something similar to Amnesia Haze (22% THC), expect a somewhat longer trip.


We must also consider how the herb is going to be consumed. When inhaled, the average duration is usually one to three hours. However, if we talk about groceries, that effect can go further and reach six hours.


In addition to the way you choose to consume your herb, the amount also has an effect on its duration. If you decide to take a couple of groceries more than you normally do, you will notice the effect for five or six hours. In special cases, it may even be more. The same if you smoke, a drag is enough for a while, but the whole joint will make you stand for three or more hours.


Those who drink know one thing for sure. Six shots in an hour will make you drunk for longer than drinking the same amount in six hours. The same principle applies to grass. If you have a shared joint throughout the night, you will be placed one hour per session. If you smoke it by yourself in a quarter of an hour, you will be placed for three hours or more.


Now we have to go to the personal part. Even if the whole joint is smoked, a person who smokes two a day may be placed for an hour or so. However, a 10 mg consumable for someone who tries it for the first time can leave it out of play for a minimum of eight hours.


Given that when we are young, our brain is more “impressionable,” an 18-year-old consumer can expect a more intense effect than older smokers. The reason is the same why cannabis is harmful to younger people. Being able to remain in the brain, its effect is stronger.


As you might expect, metabolism plays a key role in the duration of the effects of cannabis. If your body needs more time to process the chemicals, the high can last a little longer than you expected. However, if your metabolism is faster, you may be the first of your friends to return to sobriety.


Although not a determining factor, height, and weight affect the high. The taller and heavier will be placed longer. The effects experienced by people with more weight are also related to slow metabolism, something that sometimes goes hand in hand.


Finally, if you focus on the fact that you are placed, the feeling will be greater than if you are not paying attention. The cannabinoids will be the same time in your body, whether you pay attention or not, but the duration of that sensation is relatively in your hands.