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How Cannabis Can Improve Orgasm, Masturbation and More


Cannabis users are no strangers to shame. The stigma of society around cannabis use has been in hiding until recently. Now, there are more and more jurisdictions that are legalizing cannabis and supporting its normalization in society. This is the kind of social change that occurs when people find the courage to talk about their experiences. However, talking about our sexuality is … uncomfortable. At least for most people, being honest about their sexual health and sexual desires is embarrassing. It reveals an intimate aspect of our personality that each of us has the right to keep private. However, this secrecy around sex can be internalized to the point of interfering with people’s private sexual life.


Let’s say you have a partner. You have connected on an emotional level, you have gone to bed, you have left for some time. You may have some fantasy about yourself or any appetite you would like to try. Although you would not judge another person for it, you have internalized the shame of having these feelings, and you are afraid that your partner’s vision of you will be negatively affected by it. Well, this is where the ability of marijuana to reduce inhibition can be useful, and it does not do so in the reckless manner in which alcohol does. Cannabis users tend to be much more cautious under the effects of the herb than alcohol consumers when they are drunk. Cannabis may be what you need to get a comfortable attitude.

The calming effects of cannabis can improve your brain’s reasoning abilities against negative thoughts. It makes physical contact more sensory, and cannabis can cheer you up enough to make you and your partner more eager to play. When you’re under its influence, you’re more open to trying new things with people you trust. You start removing filters in what you say and in other things. Even so, you keep a focus on your sensory impulses, which should connect you with your partner and his feelings. This is a key aspect of consent, so you can stay tuned and keep the fun in the environment. Cannabis also relieves pain, anxiety and other things that could make it hard for you to get in tune.

Women love orgasms. They simply do not dare to talk about it openly because of the stigma mentioned sexuality. In recent years, progress has been made in the fight against this stigma on issues such as LGBT rights and sex education. However, prejudices towards sex work, polyamory, promiscuity and even having little or no sex are still widespread. There remains a deeper and more fundamental problem in this imbalance between women and men. The usual norm has been to repress women’s self-determination and the discussion of their sexuality. At this turning point, perhaps women’s sexual health problems can be addressed without the usual pressure of shame.

Science has a lot to do on this taboo subject. Finally, many wrong ideas can be solved, such as the myth that women do not masturbate. The Women’s Health Network recommends that women masturbate. Not only because it relieves stress or makes you feel fantastic, but also because it can help prevent infections of the cervix and urinary tract. It also improves pelvic floor strength and cardiovascular health. For women who find it hard to reach orgasm, the relaxing effects of cannabis should help them feel more comfortable.

Lioness is an “intelligent vibrator” that measures vaginal contractions during masturbation. The CEO of the manufacturer of Lioness, Liz Klinger, tested it and shared its results on the internet. He reported that the contractions are less frequent, but stronger throughout his orgasm under the effects of cannabis compared to his sober orgasm. Cannabis edibles gave an even stronger effect. The data is clear, at least in his case, that cannabis improved the intensity of orgasms. Our female readers should be curious to at least try cannabis before having sex or masturbating.


Men may not have so many medical reasons to combine cannabis and orgasms, but they have all the recreational reasons in the world. However, there is research that supports a common medical phenomenon in men and women. Human tests found that endocannabinoids, such as anandamide (similar to THC ), increase during physical activity. It was identified that another endocannabinoid, 2-arachidonoyl glycerol, increases specifically during masturbation and orgasm. You can play a role in the orgasm reward system for men and women. Therefore, by increasing cannabinoid consumption and by stimulating the endocannabinoid system, You can experience more excitement and better orgasms.

Can Cannabis Improve Sex All You Need to Know

There has always been a connection between marijuana and sex, but until recently it had not been backed by science. Recent studies show that cannabis can improve sex life in many ways, especially with its anti-anxiety and libido enhancer effects.

Although they have been frequently connected, we were not sure before whether cannabis had a positive impact on sex or not. If you trusted personal experiences, you would surely hear many conflicting opinions on the subject, but no definitive conclusions. However, science is on our side. In recent years, many studies have emerged that support cannabis as a way to help improve or stimulate sex.


The idea of ​​”improving” sex is subjective, of course, but the figures speak for themselves. Wondering what this means? In this article, we will tell you the details.


Women really enjoy the pleasure of preliminaries. At least that’s what the research says published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine. In a study that compared women who used cannabis before having sex with those who rejected it, researchers found that women in the first group were twice as likely to reach orgasm. Sex is not only better; It is also more frequent. In another study from The Journal of Sexual Medicine, researchers found that women who used cannabis had sex much more frequently than women who had never tried it. Although this does not guarantee that all women have the same effects, it is clear that there is a positive association.


Not only women have fun. In the same study mentioned above about sexual frequency, researchers found that men who used cannabis experienced a significant boost during intercourse compared to non-consumers. Also, if you normally consume aids such as Viagra or Cialis to get an extra boost, you don’t have to worry about marijuana in conflict with its effects. Although there are no recent studies showing whether marijuana improves the orgasm rate, there are not enough studies on men suffering from climax.


Now, let’s move on to the fun part. How can you use cannabis to improve your sex? Of course, we are not only talking about the act itself but about everything that surrounds it; From the result that you can have a good meal to the sensual that can be in the game before a massage.


Consuming cannabis during the act of practicing sex can be risky, but using it as a way to ignite the romantic flame, in general, is a proven technique used by many people. For example, it can be an excellent way to spend more time as a couple: why not prepare a romantic meal? Light some candles, choose a playlist suitable for the occasion and abandon yourself to intimacy and relaxation. Instead of garlic butter, why don’t you prepare some cannabis butter for cooking? A simple and discreet way to put cannabis on the table, and who knows how dinner can end!


Some strains with a clearly indica genetics are known for their “leveraging” properties, leave people staring at each other and can be a good time to share as a couple. Use these varieties of body load and enjoy some time in the arms of that special person, or looking into your eyes instead of losing yourself in the cosmos.


Do you remember those ads of lonely singles who talked about enjoying long walks in the park to show the sensitive side of a person? Well, maybe they smoked weed! Go hiking in an area that you both like, ideally in a forest or an equally relaxing place. In this way, you can marvel at the experience of being with your partner in the middle of such a beautiful landscape. All you have to do is not get too far from the road …


The holy grail of dating. Let’s be honest: who doesn’t enjoy a massage? With so little clothes on, you are halfway there. Well, it turns out that cannabis users have received the jackpot. It is claimed that THC can help female orgasms last 15 minutes, with the added advantage of being available as a lubricant. Although the effects are not guaranteed and may vary depending on the way you respond to cannabis, surely the lubricant application process and its aromas will do most of the work.


Do you want to lose your inhibitions or improve your senses? Depending on what you want, there are some strains that are perfect to get in tune before you get involved. There will be people who get nervous about how they unfold in bed, and we are not here to judge them, much less. To get rid of the scenic fear, we suggest a hybrid of indica dominance like the Kali Dog, which will take you to a relaxed state of mind, or a Sativa like the Shining Silver Haze, which will make you feel like playing right away. The Sour Diesel, on the other hand, is a Sativa that will make you level up with each draft; and other hybrid varieties like the Skunk XL will give your libido an extra boost.


There are some tips that you should keep in mind if you want to have the most amazing sexual experience possible. In addition to choosing the right variety, of course, you should also watch how much you smoke. Do not forget, you are improving the moment with cannabis, not making cannabis the protagonist of the moment. On top of that, if it’s the first time you’re going to try the strain you’ve chosen, take some time to see how it affects your body. When you feel comfortable, keep things stable with a good amount of lubricant, since as with dry mouth, it is nothing new to notice “intimate” dryness. Oh, and if you were thinking of preparing some groceries, try them the night before your special appointment. The effect they produce can be unpredictable and lasting, so here tastings are essential.

And, of course, the most important of any sexual relationship is consent, and this is especially serious when there are psychoactive substances involved.


If you don’t like to register, you might wonder if CBD has the same benefits in sex. Fortunately, you’re in luck! Not only has CBD been shown to improve energy and endurance in bed, but it also sharpens the sense of touch. In addition to all that, it can help relieve any pain that arises during the act.


As with any substance, the effects may not be completely positive. A 2011 study, for example, found that prolonged cannabis use showed some connection with erectile dysfunction. Another study conducted a year earlier, found that frequent consumption inhibited the ability of some men to reach orgasm. But the first study cited animal and in vitro research as main examples, and the last one included a self-report through a telephone survey, so there are no clear definitive conclusions. However, until new studies are suggested that suggest otherwise, the benefits seem to far outweigh the risks.