EA SPORTS™ FIFA 20 Champions Edition

  • Alyssa Greenberg
  • September 30, 2019

Graphics and Sound 10.0

Gameplay 10.0

Controls 10.0

Lasting Appeal 10.0

Pros 👍

  • Diverse content compared to previous chapters
  • Serious career mode improvements
  • Player animations are of the highest level
  • Lots of hours of exciting gaming

Cons 👎

  • Not so different from last year’s game
  • Commentary gets annoying
  • Alyssa Greenberg
  • September 30, 2019

FIFA 2020 is a football simulation video game where you can play both the single-player and multiplayer. The franchise has always been gorgeous, but this release looks really fantastic. Here you will find more variety and matches rich in strategies, skills, and possibilities. Compete and celebrate your victory! If you have played the games of this title before, you should be interested to know the innovations and additional details. But, we should say that in general it feels rather familiar.

Graphics and Sound 10/10

The eye-pleasing design and perfect player animations are the strong points of this game. But if you compare the game as a whole with the other releases of this franchise, you will notice that the visuals are not upgraded too much remaining as cool as they were before. You will listen to an electric soundtrack while playing.

Controls 10/10

Be sure to enjoy the process due to the reliable and responsive controls, which still should be mastered if you want to succeed. Here you will enjoy the new contract negotiation system allowing you to play at any place easily. Still, we would mention unconvincing ball physics.

Gameplay 10/10

In this title you will face rather strict rules regarding a lot of moments. It requires to be aware of the gameplay nuances. You can slow down the pace of the game if you need. The most powerful mode of this title is the Career mode being updated and improved. It is fully-featured and allows you to manage the process in a proper way. But if you want something completely fresh, we recommend you to try the new Volta mode.

You will develop your skills, learn new techniques, progress, recruit new players enhancing your team, unlock useful items to customize the character. Play the actual game in FIFA with the familiar general presentation, but with a lot of differences you will find on the soccer field. You can vary the speed of the game depending on the player you navigate. The balls feel light and comfortable. You will enjoy commentary and tournaments. It is possible to boost the statistics of the particular player. And here you will know the poor morale of any player shown as a sad red face which will change when he performs better.

Lasting Appeal 10/10

Be ready to dig into this game due to its addictive nature. You will have fun playing football for hours. There are a lot of modes. Some of them are complicated, and the others are not worth mentioning. But the tastes differ. You can try them all to get your idea. Anyway, you can count on a variety of locations, well-designed players, and breathtaking matches. Master your skills and accumulate as many goals as possible to increase your score!


FIFA 20 has the much more improved and diverse content package compared with the other series. If you are a rule breaker, you will manage to succeed playing the soccer here. But still, even when you focus on having fun only, you are expected to learn rules and follow them to benefit from the title to the most extent. Enjoy a splendid new way to play, a rich choice of options and smart gameplay with interesting details and tweaks.

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