Minecraft Earth

  • Joscelyn Kate
  • December 03, 2019

Graphics and Sound 10.0

Gameplay 8.0

Controls 8.0

Lasting Appeal 9.0

Pros 👍

  • Speed limits
  • Requires a powerful device
  • Not available in some areas
  • Faster progress requires rubies
  • You can't play in a car/on the subway.

Cons 👎

  • Clumsy controls
  • Some Brawlers lack balance
  • Occasional crashes amidst playing.
  • Joscelyn Kate
  • December 03, 2019

Minecraft Earth is an augmented-reality game that brings Minecraft experience into your streets, parks and alleys. Once you have it installed on your phone, you'll be able to dive in the blocky dimension to collect resources, erect buildings, fight monsters and team up with other players.

Graphics and Sound 10/10

Minecraft Earth offers some impressive visuals. Structures, artifacts, and mobs cannot be distinguished from their desktop/console analogues. Surprisingly, the AR models almost never glitch. So if you spot the game's canonical chicken, it will be energetically jumping and flapping its wings without a single stutter.

The familiar sounds of Minecraft are also present. But your primary soundtrack will be the ambiance of your current area. Plus it's strongly recommended to avoid getting acoustically immersed in the game via your headphones — it may be hazardous. 

Controls 10/10

So far, the game's primary mechanics are concentrated in tapping. You tap to build things, collect resources, open the map and inventory, and so forth. All in all, the game controls are no brainer. But it's suspected that Microsoft will add more gestures, such as waving your phone, etc.

Gameplay 8/10

Your main objective in Minecraft Earth is collecting Tappables and building cool stuff. Tappables include all sorts of useful items:

•   TNT;

•   Timber;

•   Lava buckets;

•   Red mushrooms;

•   Pigs, chickens, etc.

And many others. The Tappables get stored in your unlimited inventory, which you can summon at any time. Whenever you pass by a Tappable, your phone will alert you with a brisk vibration. Note: you can't collect items when driving a car or on a bullet train. The game has a speed limitation of about 15 mph.

Structures that you can build outside may be as high as 1 meter, consisting of up to 256 blocks. In other words, your shelter with chickens frolicking around can be as tall as a grown person. To build structures you'll need buildplates — they'll save your time as they contain blueprints for basic buildings.

But the coolest thing about ME is its quests. Wanna explore an ominous, dark cave? Or maybe sharpen your CQC skills against a swarm of inhospitable skeletons? Tap on the Adventures and face the challenge! Just remember: they are timed and must be finished asap. That's when you can call your buddies to join your blocky crusade.

Lasting Appeal

Minecart Earth surely has a lot of surprises in store for us. The Adventures it offers are quite enthralling. The structures you can erect are impressively big and intricate. You can share it all with your friends or go amassing boxes with dynamite solo. And new content is regularly added to ME's universe.


Minecraft Earth saga has just begun. It has its shortcomings and limitations. But the overall game looks quite promising. As it evolves, you'll be able to turn your entire neighborhood into the blocky kingdom, filled with skeletons and endermen.

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