• Joscelyn Kate
  • September 30, 2019

Graphics and Sound 10.0

Gameplay 10.0

Controls 10.0

Lasting Appeal 10.0

Pros 👍

  • Perfect anime-inspired visuals
  • Complex multifaceted characters
  • Each player can create their own playing style
  • Realistic fighting scenes with well-thought physics
  • Single and multiplayer

Cons 👎

  • May get too violent and bloody
  • Controlling your character is not an easy task
  • Joscelyn Kate
  • September 30, 2019

Code Vein is an action RPG with puzzles. This is a vampire adventure with a lot of blood and awful scenes, but also you will have plenty of trials and tasks to perform here. It features a single-player and the online co-op.

Graphics and Sound 10/10

The visuals and soundtracks are well-done here. You will enjoy the unique anime aesthetics of this title with colorful scenes, new attack styles, and bloodcurdling story based on the blood. Pardon the pun. Here you will play in the open area with a lot of open rooms, staircases, blind corners.

Controls 10/10

You should not think that this game is easy. You will perform a lot of movements and solve various puzzles, communicate and fight in various manners, that is why you will have rather complicated controls which should be mastered to feel confident during the game. There is partial controller support.

Gameplay 10/10

In the collapsed world the only society of Revenants remains. It is known as Vein. But there is also a group of the survived people - the Lost which have Gifts of power, but they do not remember their past. Now they have to kill for the purpose of blood. Yes, you will deal with the real vampires living thanks to bloodsucking. In order to find the food, they wander around, explore dungeons, and find their victims. They suffer from a lack of blood being able to do anything to satisfy their hunger. You should stop them or escape Code Vein.

You are suggested to create a character using various powers and skills. You will coordinate your actions and fight off the attacks of the enemies having different weapons at your disposal. In order to succeed and overcome all obstacles, you are offered to invite a partner to join you.

Mechanically this title looks like From Software's Soulsborne games. But here you will have Blood Code, particular items changing your character. You can be the melee-focused, casting-focused, parry-focused or long-range Hunter. In total there are 8 codes allowing you to create your own playstyle.

Lasting Appeal 10/10

The game is expected to be full of challenges and achievements. Also, you can count on the variations of the Gift. The developer allows you to add diversity and change your partners, which have various combat styles and abilities. In addition to other players, you will meet the character controlled by the artificial intellect. Or you are allowed to team up with the other players navigating their characters. The three-person party is available.


This role-playing game is rather complicated, requiring a lot of efforts to escape from the awful world. Here you will enjoy challenging gameplay, interesting story and a distinct sense of place.

You will level up, becoming stronger to rise up against the Lost.

The title is a perfect tool to master your fighting skills, but, please, mind that here you will find violence with blood. If you accept it, the stunning challenges of this game will keep you play it again for more experience.

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