New Entry Comes to Hello Neighbor Series

Despite the fact that Hello Neighbor received controversial reviews from critics, it was highly praised by millions of players across the world. The main concept of sneaking into a creepy neighbor’s house is the dream come true for many of us who noticed the weird behavior of their neighbors but did not have a chance to uncover their secrets. Well, now you can do this. Solve puzzles, watch your back, seek for the troubles.

What is the Secret Neighbor?

Forget about feeling alone in your neighbor’s house. Now you can invite your best friends to follow you there. Secret Neighbor is a multiplayer game. There will be 6 players, well actually 5 plus 1 traitor, the neighbor himself, who apparently is really good at camouflage, playing a kid. You have to find out who is who.

Children go together to the house. They have a flashlight and bare curiosity with them. They suspect that the neighbor stole their friend and locked him in the basement. Now they have to find all the keys from the doors in this house.

To be honest, they are not particularly so empty-handed. No, they have unique skills and abilities. They can invent things, craft new items, and stop the neighbor with slingshots. As for the neighbor, he has extra gadgets to catch children, from radar to steel traps. And don’t forget his skills in disguise.

Is it getting even darker?

There will be many unconscious children, more sudden disappearances, and photos of missing kids on milk cartons. You have to watch for every shadow and reflection in the mirror. The neighbor may stand behind you at this very moment.

Can I buy a Secret Neighbor for a child?

It is absolutely out of the question. The game is not safe for young children who may use it as a tutorial for future mischief. Besides, it is horrifying, and you can traumatize the child. It has the same style as Hello Neighbor, but it is even scarier in many ways. It is better to make sure that there are no children watching while you are playing the game. Make no mistake, the game is scary, starting from the neighbor dressed as a clown to his reflection in the mirror.

When can I see it?

Secret Neighbor will be released on October 24. This is the perfect timing to treat yourself with something spooky before Halloween. You may buy it on Steam for your PC. There is also a package offer to buy Hello Neighbor and Secret Neighbor with a 10 percent discount. So, hurry up. There are system requirements for Windows 7 and Windows 10 platforms on the Steam download page. Read them before you buy the game.

Do I need this game?

Even if you did not like Hello Neighbor somehow (weird things happen), you have to try Secret Neighbor. It is a mix of Five Nights at Freddy’s, Hello Neighbor and all the scary stories you’ve heard in your childhood about a weird neighbor’s house. You may visit the official Secret Neighbor website and see for yourself all the features it offers. After that, you can decide whether you want it or not. Before you do this, leave a few words about your impression on Hello Neighbor at the comments to this post.

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