August 2018 - Monthly Updates For Windows Phones

Some sources write that Windows Mobile is dead, many people also think so, but it's not quite true, it's not dead yet. We're still looking at over a year of support regarding monthly patches and fixes for Windows 10 Mobile 'Fall Creators Update'. And build 15254.527 is fresh out today, so take it for all phones currently on the 'Fall Creators Update.' And with related patches and fixes for other Windows 10 Mobile branches.

The Fall Creators Update ("rs3", i.e., "Redstone 3", at least by name) is the "production" branch of Windows 10 Mobile, and this is a regular fix for "Patch Tuesday", this update basically consists of minor fixes and security fixes, at least, in terms of mobile relevance.

From the official release announcements:

Security updates to Microsoft Edge, Windows apps, Windows graphics, and Windows kernel

All other supported branches of Windows 10 Mobile also receive updates, so all these old phones (Lumia 930, 830, 735, 640, etc.) do not exactly lose the necessary security updates. Hacking will soon become more serious for everyone who cares about absolute security.

We should never ignore the corrections, (for example, in the Edge browser), especially in today's vulnerable, malicious and fraudulent malicious cases, so the owners of the phones mentioned above will be updated just in case!

♦ Phones on the Creators Update should also advance, with this release, to build 15063.1266 (from .1206)

♦ Phones on the Anniversary Update should advance to 14393.2431 (from .2363) 

You will receive basic security updates and components, although obviously without any intricacies in the functionality presented in subsequent branches for desktops or XBox.

As usual, go into Settings / Update and Security / Update phone to get the update immediately. This scheme works foк all Windows devices.

Pay attention to the effective (regarding the new build) termination of the Insiders program - we are dealing only with updates of the "Patch Tuesday" from February 2018. In addition to the lack of development of new features, Insider builds for Mobile are just not worth bothering with for Microsoft, because the changes from month to month are small enough (and quite common for desktop computers) just to be tested internally.

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