Our Favorite Endless Runner Games For Windows Phone

Endless runner is one of the most popular game genres for mobile devices, and Windows Phone 8 has a good selection, from famous names like Temple Run to exclusive titles. We’ve collected eight of the best endless runners available on Windows Phone together to show you what’s out there.

1. Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers has been a staple endless runner game for Windows 10 Mobile for some time now and continues to deliver a fun game experience. The game is set in global locations where a crew of teenage hooligans race along the tracks, avoiding the grumpy Rail Inspector.

The game offers simple, swipe-based controls, a respectable collection of characters and hoverboards to unlock and plenty of achievements to pursue. Graphics are colorful, vivid and full of detail, and gameplay requires your undivided attention. Glance away from the screen for the slightest moment, and you can find your runner getting smacked by an oncoming train.

I think what keeps Subway Surfers at the top of the endless runner category is that the backdrop for the game routinely changes. We have seen Subway Surfers visit London, New York, Tokyo and other global venues. The Windows 10 game is currently visiting Iceland. This free Windows 10 Mobile game is a fantastic time waster and addictive enough to satisfy those times when you need more game time.

2.  Lara Croft: Relic Run

In true Lara Croft style, you control the English archaeologist by making her jump, swing, dive, parkour, and run as she tries to save the world from impending doom.

With breathtakingly beautiful locations, crystal clear sound effects, and a multitude of different moves that include shooting bad guys and riding a quad bike, it’s no wonder this is a favorite of many.

3. Temple Run 1 & 2

As you probably expect, Temple Run is available for Windows Phone 8, with both versions of the game available free in the store. The aim is simple: steal the idol, escape from the temple without being ripped to shreds by insane ape beasts.

Temple Run
In the original game you escape with the idol along temple walls and cliff faces, avoiding booby traps, take advantage of power-ups and basically survive to spend the coins you collect. Although Temple Run 2 is also available, both games are extremely playable.

Temple Run 2
More of the same can be found in Temple Run 2, albeit with improved graphics, more locations (mines and ziplines) and more varied power-ups. Also, the game features a set of objectives to complete and a choice of characters, including Usain Bolt! Unlike the original, Temple Run 2 has Xbox Live achievements for you to complete and increase your Gamerscore. Like most of the games in this list (unless otherwise mentioned), Temple Run 2 is available for iOS and Android.

4. Touchdown Hero: New Season

Touchdown Hero: New Season is a sports-oriented endless runner game from the creative minds at Game Troopers. The Xbox game title is available for Windows 10 PC and Mobile and sends you to the gridiron to see how many touchdowns you can score.

Played from an overhead view, you race across an endless supply of football fields, dodging defenders and crossing as many goal lines until you are tackled. You guide your player around the field by touch with spin moves and a slow-motion feature available to help you escape defenders.

Graphics offer a slight retro appearance that looks good, and gameplay challenge keeps you on your toes. As you advance through the game, NFL-style uniforms become available to customize your player, and there are plenty of Xbox achievements to pursue.

Touchdown Hero is a simple game to pick up and spend a little down time with. The game is surprisingly difficult with a decent addictive pull. Touchdown Hero is a free title with a few in-app purchase opportunities and a great addition to the endless runner genre.

5. Crossy Road 

While Crossy Road is what the developer calls an ‘endless hopper’, rather than a runner, the aim is to move your character as far as possible dodging traffic, jumping rivers, and avoiding trains, all the while collecting coins. The more coins you collect, the more money you’ll have to purchase new fun characters within the game.

6. Car Run

Not a million miles away from the 1980s hit car game Outrun, Car Run is a great game in which you must outrun a police car after smashing through some barriers. You’ll need to keep your finger on the accelerator to maintain the distance between you and the police while using your horn to get other cars out of your way. Perhaps most importantly, you need to collect coins to keep your fuel topped up, and use other vehicles to slow down the police car. Car Run uses your phone’s gyro sensor for control – you need to tilt left and right to steer around the other cars and obstacles!

Other cars can be unlocked, but this is a tough game for newbies, so you might find yourself playing Flappy Bird instead; after all, you already know that one’s tough.

7. Ragdoll Run

The first game on our list is Ragdoll Run by Dawnbreak Studios. It is a visually stunning 3D game that adds a new dimension to the endless runner genre with its intuitive gesture-based gameplay. The game features awesomely cute, colorful graphics and sure is impossible to put down.

8. Flappy Bird

Surely you’ve heard the story of Flappy Bird? It brought the endless runner genre firmly into the public consciousness, while its difficulty level and the insane amount of money its original creator earned from its iPhone release made headlines around the world.

This is without a doubt as annoyingly frustratingly difficult as the original, requiring just the simple finger tap on the screen to control your bird’s flapping speed. Hit the pipe, and it’s the end of that particular bird; the game ends, and you start again.

9. Angry Gran Run

Angry Gran Run developed by AceViral.com ltd fits perfectly into the genre of endless runner games. The longevity of the game lies in its fun elements like kicking and use of insane obstacles like aliens and dinosaurs to keep the user entertained and make them come back for more.

10. Hypernaut

This Windows Phone exclusive is another endless runner that has a retro feel, this time reminding me of another old 8-bit adventure game, Driller.

Of course, the aim here is far different, even if the 3D polygon graphics are similar. In Hypernaut, your simple aim is to avoid the obstacles, a combination of skyscrapers and mountains, by tapping the left and right sides of the screen to move in the corresponding direction.  With just one life, two difficulty levels and no power-ups, survival is key here.

I hope you enjoyed our collection of endless runners and found them inspiring. Let us know if you want to add any endless runner game in this list or suggest a different category of games that we should focus on next time. Also, don’t forget to share this post with everyone if you found it useful.

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