GTA V: Getting 100% Completion  

As GTA V has been evolving since its introduction in 2013, it has got really large. Its open world is the place for various missions, including both the core story and numerous side missions you can skip. So hardly is there a player who has really explored all of it (and if there is someone, they must have little life outside).

You don’t have to search high and low, though, to get 100% completion of it. The real requirements for this are way more moderate. Here is our brief review of them, so you can prepare and start your new game being already aware.

Main Storyline Missions

There are 69 of them, and you are carefully guided through them throughout the game. These missions are, in fact, unskippable, and, as GTA V doesn’t finally kill you, this seems the easiest part of it. This storyline also includes all of five missions known as Lester’s Assassinations, starting with the Hotel Assassination.

Street Races

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When there is the “auto” word in the title, how can it ignore racing? There are five street races in the game. To access them, you need to complete Hao’s Shift Work when playing as Franklin. You better stick to him at the races as well, as Franklin is the best driver of the three.

Off-Road Races

After you complete the Crystal Maze mission with Trevor, you’ll have Off-Road Races unlocked. There are six off-road races available, and you’ll need to take at least bronze in each of them. You’ll need your ATV or a dirt-bike to the race.

Sea Races

These are even more spectacular, so you won’t feel like you’re doing your must – you’ll really enjoy that naval speed. To unlock them, complete Hood Safai Mission. This time you can play with any character you like. But mind the weather: on the sea, it’s even more important.

Weapon Mastering

Well, you need to learn to shoot to succeed in this brutal underworld, and a shooting range can deliver the proof. Visit any AmmuNation store to enter a shooting range and try to finish 3 rounds with Bronze with each type of weapons.

Air Missions

First of all, you need to take 12 lessons at Flight School. These lessons will pay, as you’ll have to fly a plane quite often in the later game. The school is unlocked when you are done with Friends Reunited mission and up for The Merryweather Heist. While Trevor is already great at it (as the storyline suggests), Franklin and Michael are not. So take that chance and go to school with them.

You’ll need flying skills to complete Under the Bridges. Flying under 25 out of 50 bridges in Los Santos and outside of it is enough to tick the box, though you may try to complete all of them to get a special reward. The same is with Knife Flights. It’s a special trick when you need to fly between two buildings so close to each other that you’ll need to tilt your plane to fit in. You’ll need to complete 8 of the 15 Knife Flights for 100% Completion. Select the Stunt Plane or Vestra for that.

Parachute jumping is also required for completion. In the Dom Beasley's Strangers and Freaks string, there is a Risk Assessment mission. Completing it will unlock Parachute Jumps. There are 13 jumps you need to complete for the desired 100%. 

Going Extreme

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Stunt Jumps are as important as Parachute Jumps. They require a vehicle you trust and a place that can be used to propel your vehicle. There are 50 places for them on the map you need to locate, though in fact you’ll only need 25 of them. You better choose Franklin to do that, as his ability to slow time may turn out vital. There are also Dom’s extreme sports missions, and you’ll need to complete only 25 of the 50 available.

Franklin’s Missions

Well, if we were to say who’s the primary protagonist of the three, only using the missions, Franklin would win. And no wonder: the objective is 100%, and 100s are Franklins. Along with aforementioned Stunt Jumps where he’s just preferable, there are some assigned to him directly. His missions include walking and playing with Chop, the cutest dog around, and some others not so cute. The list consists of all the towing missions by Tonya, paparazzo missions by Beverly, Exercising Demons missions by Mary-Ann, and those by Barry.

Collecting Missions

There are special items you will have to collect in just as special sorts of missions. In particular, you’ll need to find 50 parts of the spaceship and bring them to Omega. The letter torn apart also consists of 50 scraps, necessary for completing the Dreyfuss’ confrontation.

Money Making, Money-Money Making!

The most obvious way to get some cash is robbing a shop, and you will need this experience in your CV to get your 100% completion. But this seems a minor affair, as you will have to get rich enough to purchase five properties contributing to your income. Of course, it will become an option as you make enough progress. As for spending money, there is only one mission about it. It prompts you to buy yourself a vehicle on the web (that is, within the game).

Random Events

It’s all up to you in this category; the events are called random just because they are. Completion requires you finish just 14 of them, of the 57 available. Finding a Random Event is easy. Watch your radar. If you get close to a random event, the radar starts flashing white, and the spot is marked with a blue dot. Go there to get involved.

Recreational Missions

If you’re not in it for high life and fun, then why are you in? Watch a movie at the cinema. Visit a strip club and order a lap dance. Find a stripper and make a booty call. Friend activities include going to a bar, watching a movie, playing darts, and visiting a strip club with another protagonist or the two of them.

Well, there are also darts, tennis, and golf competitions for you. It’s the case where the importance is not in the triumph, but in the struggle. Each of these needs only to be played once; but when it comes to triathlon races, you’ll need to take part in three of them.

Get Your 100!

As you see, 100% completion of GTA V is not that hard. In spite of how richer the game became after all these years the primary objectives remain the same. Of course, you don’t have to aim for that if you’re here just to enjoy the open world of urban adventures.
Been there? Got your 100%? What can you recommend to beginners only discovering GTA V in 2020? Drop a comment here to share what you think!

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