Real Car Parking

  • Joscelyn Kate
  • March 04, 2019

Graphics and Sound 5.0

Gameplay 7.0

Controls 6.0

Lasting Appeal 2.0

Pros 👍

  • Good controls
  • Realistic physics
  • Rather decent graphics
  • No payments required.

Cons 👎

  • Short of levels and cars
  • The game is for Windows Phone, and it will be abandoned soon
  • There are alternatives for other systems.
  • Joscelyn Kate
  • March 04, 2019

Knowing how to fly but not how to land? Only Indiana Jones could afford that and still make it. It’s the same with cars: if you want to ride a car, you should know how to park. Real Car Parking game focuses on this part of driving art, offering missions of various difficulty.

Graphics and Sound 5/10

Cartoony and conventional, the graphical part of Real Car Parking has some pro: it features multiple virtual cameras you can switch between. That makes the game more amusing, as you see your car from the inside and from the outside, from above and from behind, and that makes you want to try more views.

Not as realistically sounding as some high-budget racing games, this one is quite good with library samples, using them the right way, so your parking sounds as convincing as it looks.

Controls 6/10

As simulator genre requires, the game features controls that emulate the real ones, So, we have a virtual steering wheel and a pedal. The response is rather quick, virtually real-time. That makes the process more fun.

Alas, menu buttons don’t react that quickly. Some players have to push Play several times for the game to start. It’s even more surprising as the game doesn’t require much performance in its main part.

Gameplay 7/10

As you might have guessed, it’s mostly about parking. Find your parking lot, place your car in there, and try not to hurt anyone. Each mission can be played many times, up to the perfection. There’s not much to explain: the method is as obvious as the mission. Despite that seemingly easy gameplay, the game really gets you mad when you cannot park your car properly for many times. It’s a shame the game has too few levels, and there won’t be any updates obviously.

The best part of this game is the total absence of in-game purchases. But maybe that’s the reason why the developer lost interest and abandoned the game with no updates. Still, it’s considered one of the best games of this type for Windows Phone (though it may just mean lack of competition).

Lasting Appeal 2/10

Sorry to say that, but it doesn’t depend on the game how long it will live on your phones. Windows Mobile is sentenced, and devices running it will all be left hanging in December 2019. As for Windows Phone 8, it’s already doomed. So, no matter how you like this game, soon you’ll have to switch your smartphone. And though there are games with similar names on Android or iOS, they are different, by other developers and publishers.


It’s a quite good parking simulator, especially for Windows Phone, hosting no large selection of similar games. Alas, soon all loyal Windows fans will have to find a replacement for it, and, logically, for this game, if they want to have something similar. It won’t be this very game, alas, as its developer didn’t port it to other platforms.

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