Toca Boo

  • Joscelyn Kate
  • February 08, 2019

Graphics and Sound 7.0

Gameplay 7.0

Controls 6.0

Lasting Appeal 4.0

Pros 👍

  • Written and drawn with wild fantasy
  • The story is spooky enough for kids and funny enough for adults
  • Easy controls
  • No ads or payments (at least in Windows version).

Cons 👎

  • Only one can play it
  • There’s no mission or score.
  • Joscelyn Kate
  • February 08, 2019

Many families with little kids owe a lot of happy hours to Toca Boca. This studio makes digital games and toys for kids, helping parents to entertain kids with fun or get them busy while having rest. Toca Boo is a game that gets both kids and adults by surprise. It wants you to scare or be scared! So meet Bonnie and her family… and scare them!

Graphics and Sound 7/10

Dark 2D representation with rough silhouettes, childish graphical style and no damage to characters (except for getting them scared): is it an appropriate kids’ game, or some parody, or what? In fact, Toca Boo is all of it. It’s supposed to be fun both for kids and parents, though elder children may want something more serious and bloody.

If anyone said neglectfully that it’s just a kids’ game, they’re wrong. The genre of Toca Boo is a bedtime horror story, schematic, stroke-drawn, and that’s the way it visualizes in these talks. So it’s not bad; but neither is it great. Decent for Toca Boca, and that implies it’s decent in any terms.

Controls 6/10

The desktop version is obviously not primary for Toca Boo, published for mobile platforms as well. So its Android and iOS versions are much better with touch controls than Windows edition, even if your device is equipped with a touchscreen.

Yet it gets easier after a minute or two of roaming the house up and down, left and right. All you do is a mouse or a touchscreen to tap or click the object and to drag Bonnie to a hideaway.

Gameplay 7/10

In this game, you control a little spook haunting the house and taking its dwellers by surprise. Your mission is to get people scared as many times as it’s fun. The ghost can push buttons or control switches remotely, but only in the present room.

When humans walk the house, they carry lanterns or have electric lamps at their disposal. So the spook should stay out of the light, in order not to be discovered. But… what happens to the ghost when exposed? In fact, nothing; and that’s quite alright for Toca Boca projects.

It’s a digital toy rather than a game. If you play the game, you’ll see no score or progress indicator, no life counter or health bar, no notice that playing implies achieving some result. You’re not supposed to pursue any defined result; this game is just to enjoy.

Lasting Appeal 4/10

This game may be fun for kids and for adults that just begin exploring it. And it will grant you some great hours, especially if your kids are crazy about spooky stories. But then kids grow up or switch their attention and adults that like the game explore it inside out. And so you can delete this app… until your younger kids grow enough.


It’s good entertainment for kids of 4+, and adults can have fun from playing it, too. But don’t think of winning or losing Toca Boo. It’s not a game at all; it’s a digital toy for tablets or computers, and it’s neither a pro nor a con, it’s a matter of fact.

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