Candy Crush Friends Saga

  • Alyssa Greenberg
  • February 08, 2019

Graphics and Sound 8.0

Gameplay 9.0

Controls 9.0

Lasting Appeal 8.0

Pros 👍

  • Better graphics
  • New game levels
  • New characters
  • The game is free
  • There are many bonuses.

Cons 👎

  • In-app purchases that help you get more lives and buy other extra things
  • No boosters that can be activated before starting the game level.
  • Alyssa Greenberg
  • February 08, 2019

Candy Crush Friends Saga is a puzzle from Match 3 series, in which the player combines a variety of sweets to score points. It is a new Match 3 game from King, which was launched on October 11, 2018.

Differences from other Match 3 games in the Saga series include:

  • New game characters, each with a unique ability;
  • Free boosters are collected from fragments;
  • Boosters cannot be activated before the start of a particular game level.

Graphics and Sound 8/10

A new game has improved graphics and sound. All the objects in the game are bright and attract your attention to the game for hours.

The game is also accompanied by pleasant music, which makes the gameplay more fun.

Controls 9/10

The controls of the game are easy and intuitive for both beginners and experienced players.

Gameplay 9/10

At the heart of Candy Crush Friends Saga is a three-in-a-row puzzle. You need to place the chips in orderly rows according to their color and shape, clear the playing field, and get points. Special combinations and bonus chips will help you pass the levels faster.

Players are given five lives. If you lose while passing the level, one life will be taken away from you.

Friends Saga differs from other sagas in the candy universe by the fact that it has a supertask – to save friends. Friends seem to be made of pastille, jelly, and marmalade.

There are three gradations of difficulty levels. There are ordinary levels, difficult, and very difficult. Difficult and very difficult levels are highlighted with a special icon on the level map.

In order not to make the monotonous passage of the levels boring, the developers have provided a system of awards. With their help, you can discover new characters and dress up the ones you like the most. It is very difficult to lose in Candy Crush Friends Saga, but if it did happen, you can ask your friends for help.

Lasting Appeal 8/10

As there are many similar games like Candy Crush Friends Saga, it may become boring soon for many players. The game requires you to perform a lot of monotonous actions, which make you lose interest in the game quite fast.

However, it is a very bright game, which has some differences from other games of this kind, and this makes it exciting.

It is an amazing candy kingdom where you can get a lot of awards by collecting chocolate bars, cookies, candies, and other sweets. The game is absolutely free, but you can buy certain things for money.


If you love swiping combinations of identical symbols and get bonuses for it, you should definitely start playing Candy Crush Friends Saga.

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