Management Consulting

Strategic Effectiveness Targeting is a logical step-by-step strategic management approach that equips a company with practical, usable tools and knowledge that facilitate the attainment of identified business goals.

The SET Checklist

  • Strategic: Do you possess an informed vision that can be clearly articulated?
  • Effectiveness: Do you possess an infrastructure that contains business processes that can be consistently measured?
  • Targeting: Do you possess specific goals that can be used to measure effectiveness?

The SET approach gives a company a customized snap shot of its business practices (‘As-Is’ View), identifies key process improvement areas (‘Should-Be’; View) and provides a defined blueprint framework that acts as a guide for strategic planning for the effective attainment of set business goals (‘Could-Be’ View).

We will show you the elements that are fundamental to facilitating successful growth, as well as demonstrate the business benefits of strategic thinking and planning and how these practices position a company to optimize growth initiatives, both short-term and long-term.