Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace

Whether you’ve got one dollar in the bank or one million dollars, you can benefit from Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace course. In 16 hours you will be transformed into someone who knows the critical tools for realizing financial success and securing wealth!

This eight week interactive course shows you the crucial Ramsey “7 Baby Steps to Success”! You will be riveted every moment as you quickly learn how you can use these steps in your own life to see real improvements in how you manage your money.

The course is a fun and hands-on approach. From the first session you will begin using simple but profoundly effective ways to take charge of your finances and your life! From ensuring you have emergency funds available, learning how to stop that debt snowball, saving meaningful amounts for your retirement, saving for college, paying off your mortgage early and building true wealth – you will learn it all!

You don’t have to be a financial wiz to succeed in this course – you just need to care about your financial peace and securing your future. Why not start off the New Year by telling your money what to do rather than wondering where it went?

Next course session begins January 2012. Only $260.00 for the entire session per household! Don’t miss out.

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This is a 8 week course that teaches you a lifestyle of becoming brilliant with managing money. It changes your way of thinking, it enhances your knowledge on investing, budgeting, negotiating, real estate and more. This is a well rounded course that totally transforms your life.

“Kelly is a professional at her job. She has helped me to become organized with my business and goes far beyond her duties. Kelly recommended I come out to a course that she is running called Financial Peace University. I’m thankful that she did because it has changed the way I look at finances. Kelly has helped me to get on the right track to financial peace !”

February 23, 2011

“Kelly has been my accountant for 3 years. She goes above and beyond to make sure I am getting the best return on my taxes, suggesting various cost-saving ideas that are ethical and easy to implement. I attended FPU at her suggestion, and my finance and I paid off $35,000 in debt in 3 months as a direct result of taking her class. More importantly, my finance and I now have a plan for our money, including our current project: putting in a legal basement apartment to make even more cash flow. We had a lot of fun attending FPU with Kelly, and highly recommend it.”

March 12, 2011