Controllership Services

As a controllership services client of Kelly Melanson, Certified Management Accountant you will benefit from the many advantages that our extensive knowledge and experience bring to the table. Utilizing the best and proven strategic management and accounting tools, we will work with you to chart a unique formula that will lay the foundation for the strategic, effective management and growth of your organization. Outsourcing controllership duties is a solution for a small to medium size business that wants to grow but is not yet ready to hire a full time controller. To best service your needs, Kelly Melanson, Certified Management Accountant offers comprehensive suite of controllership services. Our controllership services focus on ensuring cash flows and business systems are dealt with in a timely manner so that your organization becomes more proactive in identifying areas of inefficiency that are impacting your bottom line. Via our controllership services, Kelly Melanson, Certified Management Accountant is able to provide you with a dynamic tool belt of strategic management practices that will assist you to more effectively manage your business. We will show you how to make specific improvements by viewing your company as an interconnected, holistic entity so that you are able to optimize the bottom line and profitability of your company through:

Effective Financial Management

Always having a thumb on the pulse of your bottom line is a key factor in successful financial management. We will give you the tools you need to have an up-to-the-minute view of your bottom line so you can make the decisions when you need to make them!

With Kelly Melanson, Certified Management Accountant you will be able to:

  • Develop short and long-term budgets that will assist you in reaching your business goals
  • Track actuals to your budgets
  • Flag issues that may impact those budgets and create strategic proactive responses to correct those issues
  • Implement systems to better manage your accounts payable and account receivables
  • Create tools to provide you with key performance indicators i.e.) Ratios and financial reporting systems to collect information in a timely manner
  • Improve your processes to improve the timelines for collections
  • Create policies and procedures to streamline your financial management processes

Increasing Profitability

Profitability can result from a variety of sources. We will show you how to optimize these sources so you can realize their full contribution to your bottom line.
We will show you how to maximize your profits by:

  • Analyzing your processes and expenditure practices to identify profit-eating issues
  • Conducting a customer profitability exercise
  • Creating a system to ensure that you are making the most profit from your customer base, now and in the future
  • Creating a clear plan that defines how to make the most profitable decisions regarding technology acquisitions
  • Practicing Activity Based Costing so you know what your true margins are and exactly how you can increase those margins
  • Implementing Inventory/Resource Control systems and procedures

Improving HR Management

HR management can make or break an organization. After all, its people who carry out the daily activities that run your organization. We will show you how to make HR management a major success factor in your organization by:

  • Decreasing Turnover rates and associated costs
  • Implementing the practice of ROI (Return On Investment) management
  • Updating your HR policies and procedures
  • Implementing performance management tools to improve performance
  • Conducting skills assessments on and realigning skill set with the appropriate role
  • Developing a professional development strategic plan that will prioritize and rank of importance
  • Creating a strategic hiring\training policy and procedures manual

Strategic Planning and Budgeting

Kelly Melanson, Certified Management Accountant will take you and your management team through the process of translating the goals and visions you have for your company into a concrete action plan that details how you are going to turn these goals into a reality!