Bookkeeping Services

Our experience has shown over and over that bookkeeping plays a critical role in the financial management of a company. Our bookkeeping clients appreciate the many benefits of outsourcing their bookkeeping to us:

  • Time Savings - Spend that time on other strategic, profit-generating activities
  • Cost Savings - Increasing bottom line by eliminating the cost of re-do’s, especially at year end
  • Accurate And Consistent Data Entry - Optimize financial recoup opportunities through proper allocations
  • Simplify Taxes - Save money on penalty and interest charges by submitting your remittances on time
  • Critical Review - Having a trained, skilled eye regularly reviewing all of the financial data, at Kelly Melanson, Certified Management Accountant, the Senior Accountant is always there for this review and backup when needed.

Kelly Melanson, Certified Management Accountant gives you flexibility in service delivery as you can choose the service model that best meets your needs:

On-site bookkeeping

We come to your location at prearranged dates and intervals to keep your accounting records up-to-date and accurate. We will save you time and money with keeping all your taxes filed and up to date to avoid interest and penalties.

Off-site bookkeeping

Your accounting information/documents are delivered to our offices and your bookkeeping is conducted at our location on our systems. You will be able to use our accounting systems as a tool to capture data on items that have already occurred. Ensuring that your bookkeeping is up-to-date and housed in one central system provides a sense of organization and simplifies the processes at year-end.